Life after a spinal cord injury (SCI) may present new challenges, but it also offers opportunities for exploration, creativity, and personal growth. Engaging in hobbies and leisure activities plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with SCI. These activities not only offer enjoyment but also promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. At The 34 Project, we believe in celebrating the diverse interests and pursuits of individuals with spinal cord injuries. Here are some hobbies that can be adapted and enjoyed by people with SCI:

1. Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports have transformed the lives of many individuals with spinal cord injuries. Whether it’s wheelchair basketball, adaptive skiing, hand cycling, or wheelchair tennis, these sports offer opportunities for competitive or recreational engagement, promoting physical fitness, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment.

2. Arts and Crafts

Engaging in creative pursuits like painting, drawing, pottery, or sculpture can be incredibly fulfilling for individuals with SCI. Adaptations in equipment or techniques allow for artistic expression, fostering creativity and providing a therapeutic outlet.

3. Music and Instrumental Play

Learning to play musical instruments or participating in music therapy can be both enjoyable and beneficial. Adapted instruments, such as modified guitars or keyboards, enable individuals with limited hand dexterity to explore their musical talents.

4. Gaming and Technology

The world of gaming offers various possibilities for individuals with SCI. Accessible gaming setups, including adaptive controllers and assistive technology, allow participation in video games, fostering entertainment and social interaction.

5. Gardening

Adapting gardening activities through raised beds or container gardening can provide a peaceful and rewarding hobby. Tending to plants, growing vegetables, or nurturing flowers offers a therapeutic connection with nature.

6. Writing and Blogging

Expressing oneself through writing, blogging, or journaling can be a fulfilling hobby for individuals with SCI. It allows for self-reflection, storytelling, and sharing experiences, contributing to personal growth and connecting with others.

7. Cooking and Culinary Arts

Exploring adapted kitchen tools and techniques empowers individuals with SCI to engage in cooking and baking. Experimenting with recipes, meal preparation, and exploring different cuisines can be an enjoyable and practical hobby.

8. Photography

Adapting cameras or using smartphone technology allows individuals with SCI to explore the world through photography. Capturing moments, exploring perspectives, and expressing creativity through images can be deeply rewarding.

9. Reading and Book Clubs

Immersing oneself in literature and joining book clubs or discussion groups fosters mental stimulation and social engagement. Accessible e-readers or audiobooks offer flexibility for those with limited hand dexterity.

10. Volunteering and Advocacy

Engaging in advocacy work, volunteering for causes, or mentoring others living with SCI can be incredibly fulfilling. Contributing to the community and making a difference empowers individuals to effect positive change.


Spinal cord injuries bring about changes, but they do not diminish the ability to explore passions, hobbies, and interests. Adaptation, innovation, and accessibility open doors to a multitude of activities that individuals with SCI can enjoy and excel in. At The 34 Project, we celebrate the diverse pursuits and talents of individuals living with spinal cord injuries. Our mission is to support and empower individuals to embrace life’s possibilities and pursue their passions.

Explore the world of hobbies, discover new interests, and celebrate the joy of pursuing what you love, regardless of the challenges. Join us at The 34 Project in promoting inclusivity and supporting the diverse hobbies and interests of individuals living with spinal cord injuries.