Bill Fullerton’s affinity for BMX bicycles and motorcycles blossomed into a fervent passion for racing as he grew up. Throughout his junior and senior high school years, he actively participated in numerous races, honing his skills on the track. However, during the final semester of his pursuit of a marketing degree at the University of Oklahoma in 1988, fate took an unexpected turn. While engaged in a training session, Bill suffered a devastating motorcycle crash resulting in a compression burst fracture of his fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.

The repercussions of this injury were profound—leaving Bill with limited sensation from his collarbones upward. Although he retained some function in the tricep of his left arm, the strength in his right tricep was notably diminished. While his biceps remained robust in both arms, his hands were rendered non-functional. The arduous journey of rehabilitation lay ahead as Bill endeavored to relearn fundamental tasks: from dressing himself to tending to his personal needs, from grasping silverware to feed himself to holding a pen and writing. Simple yet essential movements, like transferring himself from his chair to bed and vice versa, demanded painstaking effort and determination.

Eventually, with unwavering resilience, Bill acquired his first accessible vehicle, granting him the newfound independence to drive himself. Soon after, with sheer determination, he resumed his college education, persisting until he completed his degree despite the formidable challenges he faced.

Following the attainment of his degree, Bill embarked on a career dedicated to aiding others through assistive technology. He specialized in selling wheelchairs and modifying vehicles to ensure accessibility for those in need. His expertise eventually led him to 180 Medical, a company specializing in providing urological supplies to individuals with neurological injuries or diseases. Within this role, Bill became a beacon of encouragement. Whether guiding individuals through the intricacies of managing their personal needs or extending support to newly injured patients by sharing invaluable advice, Bill consistently offered hope and understanding.

For over three decades, Bill remained a steadfast ally to those navigating life anew after experiencing spinal cord injuries. His unwavering empathy and firsthand comprehension of their journey profoundly impacted countless lives. Tragically, in March of 2023, Bill Fullerton passed away, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and compassion. His unwavering commitment to aiding others, his encouragement, perseverance, and adeptness at surmounting barriers mirrored the values cherished by The 34 Project.

In honor of his memory and in recognition of his remarkable contributions, the Bill Fullerton Memorial Scholarship Program has been established. These scholarships are designed to support individuals coping with spinal cord, traumatic brain, and other neurological injuries and diseases, ensuring they receive adaptive fitness and strength training at The 34 Project, regardless of their financial capacity. While Bill may no longer be with us, his name will endure as a guiding light, offering assistance and hope to countless individuals for years to come.